All of my adult life, I have made a living by creating imagery, my passion being imagery that looks natural and real. I intently watch light as it changes throughout the day. I take constant note of how it behaves, its color, quality and texture. I am inspired by light that doesn’t look artificially lit, light that is beautiful and amazing but organic.


Unlike most successful cinematographers or photographers, I didn’t start shooting until my senior year of high school. I had intended to pursue a career as a nuclear physicist. Just as I finished building a particle accelerator (atom smasher), my father suggested that I might like photography as distraction, and I signed up for a class that fall. I realized how much I missed art and discovered that photography was the right mix of art and science.  


Early in my career, as I was raising my first two children solo, I needed a job that I could work 9-5. I started my own commercial photography studio in downtown Seattle, specializing in food and product photography for advertising. Though I had become one of the top photographers in the state, I struggled against the advent of digital photography and increasing rent costs. I decided this was my opportunity to return to my passion, and get back into motion photography.


I sold my film still cameras, purchased a digital motion camera and moved my office into my house. Over the course of the next ten years, I filmed three feature films as the director of photography and shot documentaries in Sierra Leone, Honduras, Israel and across Europe. I filmed 24 narrative short films, many of which won awards for best cinematography.


I’m currently seeking to partner with directors and clients that are interested in close collaborative relationships, and telling compelling stories.

Barry Gregg is a cinematographer and filmmaker with the perfect blend of the artistic and the technical. Seattle based and with an extensive 23 year career all over the globe, I turn director's visions into a reality at the service of telling compelling stories. When on set I love to lead, teach and guide the client and crew.  Heaps of good references available on my  LinkedIn profile .  I’m always looking to connect with new filmmakers.